Eden Girls’ Slough launches Star Readers

Eden Girls’ School, Slough is delighted to introduce our Star Reader initiative to encourage and motivate students to delve into the benefits of reading. The scheme has bought in a huge selection of new books into our library to entice the girls to read a range of genres.

Reading is one of the most impactful and beneficial activity a student can engage in during their school years and into adulthood. It rapidly builds an immense vocabulary bank; it fosters a thirst for knowledge and reading builds cultural capital characteristics such as empathy and gives us an insight of the past, present and the future. Moreover, reading daily can helps us to focus and concentrate in other areas of our lives too. Above all, reading together fosters and nurtures a strong bond between parent / carer and child.

The Star Readers secondary edition provides a list of recommended reading catering for each year group. The books vary from modern day classics such as Private Peaceful, the Hunger Games Trilogy to age old favourites such as To Kill a Mocking Bird, Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. All of the books align with our leadership specialism and are age appropriate for the individual year groups. Although all the books are age appropriate, parents / carers may want to develop a reading plan to support their child where required.

At Eden Girl’s School, Slough, the English Department and the school librarians will be launching an exciting number of initiatives to enthuse and support the girls to meet our new and stimulating reading challenges. The initiatives include prestigious bronze/silver and gold certificates, medals and vouchers in conjunction with many more prizes at Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four. The launch of emoji book reviews, animated video reviews and a very sensational launch of our Star Books reading clubs for staff and students accompanied with a mug of hot chocolate.

The school would also like parents / carers to be involved in supporting our Star Readers initiative by giving you the opportunity to purchase one or more books from our recommended Star Readers Secondary lists. The link below will take you to our Amazon Wish List web page. Parents / Carers can purchase books which will be sent to the school library to be enjoyed by all our pupils.

Eden Girls’ School Slough Amazon Wish List: Star Readers

I hope the Star Reader’s Initiative fosters a greater love of reading and develops knowledge, understanding, compassion, empathy, spirituality and creativity of all our pupils.

Please do take time to look through our new Star Readers booklet with your daughter.

Kind Regards,




Aliza Qureshi on behalf of The English Department

Deputy Director of Learning: Literacy


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